Camus X.O. is the world's best selling X.O. Cognac.  This marque, appreciated for its soft, mellow style, is blended from Cognacs of selected vineyards lying in the Grande Champagne, Fins Bois and Borderies crus.  Well balanced, elegant and subtle on the palate, it looks to Grande Champagne to add quality and elegance to the final blend.  The Cognacs used in this blend are a minimum age of 15 y ears old and many are over 30.  This unique, sophisticated, oaky Cognac has a subtle bouquet of violets, characteristic of those eaux- de- vie from the smallest and most sought- after of the Cognac regions, the Borderies.  It possesses a mid- tawny hue; good inviting fruit, some almonds on nose; quite soft stylish fruit on palate, mid- length.  Well balance, and light overall.


This Camus has a nice rich aroma is blended from Cognacs of selected vineyards lying in the Grande Champagne, and Fins Bois crus.  This Cognac can be enjoyed socially, on cold days, or on the rocks.  It possesses a mid- depth; violets on nose, quite appealing; honeyed fruit on palate but fiery final edge, mid- length.


The #1 selling cognac in Europe.  Sure to please even the least experienced cognac drinker.  The french know how to make the finest brandy in the world. Fiery spirit that will catch your palate. At least 6 yrs old, they say wisdom comes with age , for cognac superb taste comes with age.


Chabanneau VS stands for Very Special. Fitting description of this fine young spirited cognac.   A blend where the youngest is less than 2.5 yrs old.  Appreciate each drop to its fullest and you will know why this cognac is very special indeed.


Very Superior Old Pale. At least 4.5 yrs old.  This middle-aged cognac has beautiful color depth signaling to its quality.  Elegant bottle for an elegant cognac.


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