Who We Are & What We're Doing Here

Golden Eagle Trading Corporation is a wholesale importer distributor of beers, wines and liquors in the Continental United States. The company was established in 1982 based in New York City as a joint venture with Mohan Meakin Limited, a leading alcoholic beverage manufacturer in India. 

As a wholesaler, we sell only to retail outlets such as supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and taverns who hold the proper licenses. Our portfolio of products is extensive, especially in the Asian Alcohol Department. We represent mainly import beers, wines and liquors, from countries such as India, China, Taiwan, and Japan. New products have been since added to the product list. We also represent beers, wines, and liquors, from countries including Poland, Romania, France, etc. 

Since we legally can sell only to those who hold a retail license, you may wonder what we're doing on the Internet. After all, we can't sell you anything directly. However, one of the most important parts of our business is the ability to communicate directly with the end consumers of the products we represent. 

Accordingly, we want our web page to be informative and fun. We intend on bringing information to you about new brands and new products we are introducing and about promotions and events we are sponsoring. We especially want to give you useful information about the products we sell. 

So if you have questions about a particular beer, wine or liquor, even if it's just to find out where you can buy it, just e-mail us and we'll try to answer your question. We plan on updating our page on a fairly regular basis, so keep visiting us to see what's new.


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