Akita Homare
Type: Tokubetsu Junmai
~ Region: Akita Homare Brewery, Akita

The name means "Pride of Akita" in Japanese. It symbolizes the stately characteristics worthy of the Akita Prefecture. It uses Miyama Nishiki, the ideal rice for sake brewing, and exhibits a distinctly mellow and noble taste.

Type: Tokubetsu Junmai
~ Region: Kikuno Tsukasa Brewery, Iwate

Using skills developed by the Nambu Touji, the Nambu brewery uses Toyo Nishiki rice grown in Iwate Prefecture to produce a medium dry sake with a delicate flavor and strong aroma. The name translates to "seven gods of good luck and happiness".

Mutsu Otokoyama (Premium)
Type: Tokubetsu Junmai
~ Region: Hachinohe Brewery, Aomori

"Chokara" means ultra dry. Mutsu Otokoyama uses Mutsu-Homara rice and the clear spring water of Hachinobe, Aomori. Master brewer Masami Ito has produced a sharp and ultra-dry sake that goes down smoothly and leaves a pleasant, mellow and rich aftertaste.

Maihime Karakuchi Ki-ippon
Type: Tokubetsu Junmai
~ Region: Maihime Brewery, Nagano

This sake uses only the best Miyama Nishiki sake-brewing rice, grown in Nagano Prefecture. maihime Karakuchi Ki-ippon has a dry, rich aroma and leaves a slight tart aftertaste. It is equally enjoyable when drunk cold or warm.

Type: Yuki Tokubetsu Junmai
~ Region: Kitagawa Honke Brewery, Kyoto

This brewery is located in the Fushimi region of Kinki and has produced Tomio sake for over 200 years. It is brewed from organically cultivated Nihonbare rice. Tomio is well known for its strong aroma and mild sour taste.

Type: Tokubetsu Junmai
~ Region: Ayakiku Brewery, Kagawa

Using great care and pride, Ayakiku is brewed surrounded by the natural beauty of the Sanuki plains in the Shikoku region. the temperate climate of this region helps to create a refreshing, vibrant and aromatic sake.

Kan Nihonkai
Type: Tokubetsu Junmai
~ Region: Nihonkai Brewery, Shimane

Brewed at a low temprature and using the best rice from Shimane, this high quality sake is carefully fermented to bring out the delicious taste of the rice. The crystal waters from the underground Mitsumi River help to give this sake its full body and mellow taste.

Type: Tokubetsu Junmai
~ Region: Otani Brewery, Tottori

Pure mountain water from the Daisen streams and highly polished rice are conbined to make a purely natural sake. Traditional methods and modern technology result in a soft, clear refreshin taste and a rich aroma. An outstanding sake in its class.

Niwa no Uguisu
Type: Tokubetsu Junmai
~ Region: Yamaguchi Brewery, Fukuoka

Highly polished Yamada Nishiki rice is mixed with the crystal clear waters form the Chikugo River. It is then slowly fermented at low temperatures to create this clear sharp-tasting sake. his sake can be drunk either warm or cold.