Koshino Tosetsuka
Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Takano Brewery, Niigata

An excellent Ginjoshu produced by the Echigohara clan of brewers. using a highly polished rice. "Gohyaju-Mangoku" and "Yamada Nishiki", equal portions are mixed with clear water in natural vats covered with snow. This sake has a distinct aroma and Ginjo taste.

Ayakiku Tantan
Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Ayakiku Brewery, Kagawa

This sake's subtle, distinct flavor is creating a new legend among sake lovers in japan. The alcohol content is kept to 12%, and its light flavor and embracing aroma transmit an unforgettable brightness. A sake for the modern age.

Mutsu Denshin
Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Hachinohe Brewery, Aomori

Uses carefully chosen Mutsu Homare sake-brewing rice and the clear spring water of Hachinohe, Aomori. Great care is evident throughout the brewing process of this sake/ Enjoy the harmony of the pleasant aroma and mellow rich flavor.

Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Doi Brewery, Shizuoka

Named with the hope that the village will prosper, this Ginjo-shu is brewed by using the well-known "Taka Tenjin-Jo" spring water. the result of years of brewing experience, it is a mellow sake with a consistent aroma and taste.

Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Kariu Brewery, Oita

Specially selected highly polished sake-brewing rice, and the crystal clear underground waters of the Bansho River are used to create Kakujo sake. It is slowly fermented at low temperatures to develop a sake with a light taste and aroma.

Maihime (Premium)
Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Maihime Brewery, Nagano

Miyama Nishiki sake-brewing rice from nagano is polished down to 49% of its original size. The clear spring waters if the Kirigamine Mountains are used in the fermentation process. This is a sake that has been well mellowed with a pleasant aroma.

Sake Hitosuji
Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Toshimori Brewery, Okayama

The natural surroundings of Okayama prefecture, and the Toshimori Brewery's lifetime dedication to sake brewing has resulted in the creation of "Sake Hitosuji", a 100% Ginjo sake. The smooth, mellow touch of this sake represents a refined masterpiece.

Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Fukui Brewery, Aichi

Using Wakamizu rice, this sake has succeeded in bringing out the full flavor of the rice itself. the mellow taste and full bodied aroma are best enjoyed when served chilled or at room temperature.

Beni Mansaku (Premium)
Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Honomaru Brewery, Akita

Ginno Sei rice is polished until 45% of each grain has been removed. It is then fermented at this 300 year-old brewery. It exhibits a rich aroma and the natural sweetness of the rice. this sake has a low 13.8% alcohol content and goes down with a soft touch and light flavor.

Ume no Yado
Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Ume no Yado Brewery, Nara

Superb soft water from Mt. Kasuragi's underground streams and skills of nambu brewers create a soft and delicate Junmai Ginjo Sake. Ume no yado has well-balanced sour, tart touch, and mellow richness that leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

Ayakiku (Premium)
Type: Junmai Ginjo
~ Region: Ayakiku Brewery, Kagawa

The Ayakiku Brewery takes great effort and care to bring out the full flavor of the best sake brewing rice available.Its fresh and elegant taste leaves an impression which will be long remembered. his sake is best enjoyed slightly chilled.