Akita Homare (Premium)
Type: Junmai Dai Ginjo
~ Region: Akita Homare Brewery, Akita

Miyama Nishiki rice, one of the best rices for sake brewing, and the pure natural spring waters of Akita are used in the fermentation of Akita Homare Dai-Ginjo sake. Enjoy the distinctive floral aroma and mellow tastes of Junmai Dai-Ginjo.

Mutsu Hassen (Premium)
Type: Junmai Dai Ginjo
~ Region: Hachinohe Brewery, Aomori

A sake masterpiece produced by Master Brewer Masami Ito. It combines the traditional Nambu Toji method with the artistry of the Kan-Jikomi technique. Produced in Mutsu, Japan, this sake has a distinctly mellow tastes and clear, full bodied flavor.

Ume no Yado (Premium)
Type: Junmai Dai Ginjo
~ Region: Ume no Yado Brewery, Nara

Bizen Omachia rice, a very rare strain of sake brewing rice, is polished to over 40% of its original size in order to produce this Junmai Dai-Ginjo sake. Great care and dedication is evident in the resulting sweet, delictae, and refined taste.

Sake Hitosuji (Premium)
Type: Junmai Dai Ginjo
~ Region: Toshimorio Brewery, Okayama

Akaiwa Omachi rice is grown in limited quantities in Okayama prefecture and is polished down to 35% of its original size. ths brings out the distinct flavor of this rare rice. Enjoy the well-mellowed taste and the light aroma of this Ginjo sake.

Kitaya Kansansui (Premium)
Type: Junmai Dai Ginjo
~ Region: Kitaya Brewery, Fukuoka

The clear headwaters if the Yabe River and the "Shizuku-shibori" method are used to create the Kitaya Kansansui sake. This delicate tasting sake has a fruity aroma and elegant taste. It is truly a masterpiece. Best enjoyed when served slightly chilled.

Mansaku no Hana (Premium)
Type: Yamahai Junmai Dai Ginjo
~ Region: Hinomaru Brewery, Akita

The climate in Akita is extremely cold in the winter and the traditional "Yamahai" brewing method is used to make Mansaku no Hana. Much time and care is taken to create the excellent aroma and mellow taste of Junmai Dai Ginjo.