Jun Tenzan
Type: Junmai
~ Region: Tenzan Brewery, Saga

Brewed using the clear waters of Mt. Tenzan and the best sake rice from the Saga plains. It is an unfailingly dry, masculine sake with an ideal balance between sweetness, sourness, and pungency. Full of body and texture.

Kitano Nishiki
Type: Hizo Junmai
~ Region: Kobayashi Brewery, Hokkaido

Made from Miyama Nishiki rice, which is the best sake brewing rice. It is stored for a long time in refrigerated vats before being diluted wth purified water. With a distinctly mellow taste it exhibits the flavor and body chracteristics of an old master brew.

Type: Junmai
~ Region: Kitaya Brewery, Fukuoka

The natural beauty of the Yama region, within the Tsukushi plains surrounds the Kitaya brewery. Kitaya is a pure sake made from high quality rice and malt. It has a traditional mellow taste and a distinctive flavor which is very enjoyable.

Koshi no Sasameyuki
Type: Junmai
~ Region: Echigo Brewery, Niigata

This sake has a superlative mellow taste. Proudly brewed in Echigo, it is blend of "Ippon-jime" and "Gohyaku-mangoku" rice which results in a sake with an enticing aroma and a delicate flavor. It is particularly tasty when served cold.

Type: Junmai
~ Region: Kamaya Brewery, Saitama

Using 60% highly polished "Wakamizu" rice, Rikishi is carefully brewed to preserve the flavor of the rice. this results in a natural tasting sake with a well balanced touch that is dry to the palate and goes down with a distinctive sharness.

Sawanoi Daikarakuchi
Type: Junmai
~ Region: Ozawa Brewery, Tokyo

This sake is made of select, carefully polished rice which is nutured amid the natura beauty of the Okutama area. This area is blessed with fresh air, clean water, and lush vegetation. With an extra dry taste, the body of this highly polished rice creates a well-balanced flavor.