Fernet Branca

Known and appreciated world wide for its inimitable quality since 1845, Fernet Branca's ingredients and the process of extraction of their principal benefits remain a tightly guarded secret.
Over 40 herbs are fermented in alcohol and allowed to silently mature in oak casks for more than a year to produce it's unique and unmistakable flavour.

Branca Menta

Perfect in every season for its refreshing, thirst quenching qualities.
Drink straight, on the rocks, cold, as a long drink, use as the base of a cocktail or mixed with a soft drink.

Borghetti Cafe Sport

Unique and unequivocal cafe espresso liquor. Made from a mix of the best quality materials coupled with tradition and refinement.
A round aroma, pleasing and rich: a true specialty.

Villa Branca Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico Villa Branca harvest 2000. The intense ruby color and vivacious, winy aroma, with a hint of ripe fruit and spices. Dry taste, mellow, with the correct level of tannin. The harvest of 2000 for the classic Chianti has been estimated as optimum (4 stars).

Carpano Punt e Mes

Unique and unmistakable, appreciated around the world for its outstanding quality. Drunk straight and very cold, with soda and on the rocks, garnished with an orange slice.
The basic essential for mythic cocktails.

Carpano Antica Formula

Crimson Carpano Antica Formula is made from the Carpano distillery’s "ancient formula" for red vermouth. Carpano Antica Formula is the king of red vermouth: although traditionally served straight up as an aperitif, after-dinner drink, or even as an accompaniment to rich desserts.

Candolini Grapa Ruta

Candolini Grappa is one of the oldest labels in the highly competitive market for Italian grappas. It's made from 85% free-running grape juice as well as distilled pips and stems giving it a superior taste. Aromatic and flavorful, Candolini Grappa, with its traditional 19th-century bottle, is a classic among Italian distillates and remains one of the best selling spirits available today. Candolini Grappa can be used to spike coffee or to deglaze pan-cooked poultry, but is best when sipped in frozen glasses with friends around a fire after a satisfying meal.