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  Hong Mei Apple Wine

A sweet dessert wine made from
apples. The perfect end to a
perfect meal.
Shao Hsing Wine (State Banquet)

A celebrated rice wine that adds that extra
touch to asian cuisine. Often used in chinese
medicines as an added ingredient.

Chefoo Red Wine

A wine from Shangdong province with a high alcohol

From the highest grade of "pagoda" brand, Shaoxing rice wine has been selected as drinking rice wine especially for the State Banquet by Zhong Nan Hai and the Great Hall since 1993.  Having won 6 gold medals so far in international foodstuff contests, pagoda Shaoxing rice wine is appreciated as the crown of oriental rice wines.

Endowed with favourable natural conditions and abundant mineral resources, Shaoxing, the famous water town in Southeast China is historically known as the "home of wine". Being one of the oldest brewed wines in China, Shaoxing Rice Wine has a history of over 2,400 yrs since the Zhou Dynasty. It had been enlisted as tribute to the emperor in the Northern & Southern Dynasties more than 1,400 yrs ago.  The rice wine was so popular it became the number one drink throughout China's history.  Nowadays, it is the designated drink in the State Banquet for its high quality.  The "Pagoda" brand rice wine produced in Shaoxing is highly appreciated both at home and abroad for its crystally yellow colour, strong fragrance and mellow taste. 


Hua Diao is a type of Shaoxing with a carved decorator jar.  It originates fro a beautiful past.  In and ancient time, when a baby girl was born, the parents would carve or paint jars for the rice wine and bury the carved jar wine underground until the daughter got married.  It was then, the jar would be unburied to feast the guests at the wedding.  Today, although the jars are no longer buried, the ingenious technique of carving and painting lasted.  Hua Diao is kept long and lists as the top amongst Rice Wines for its yellow color and mellow bouquet taste.



Chia Fan originates from its brewing process of adding rice while reducing water when proportioning materials.  Chia Fan is characterized by its crystal color and superb bouquet, classified to a medium dry wine fit to go with cold dishes.


Shan Niang is named by brewing from Yuan Hong Wine instead of water. "Shan" means fine and "Niang" means fermented gluinous rice.  Shaoxing is also a medium sweet wine with dark yellow color and a distinguished quality, most suitable for ladies and new-drinkers with sweet dishes or pastries as an accompaniment.


Pagoda Nu Er Hong is a popular rice wine served at weddings and given as gifts due to its delightful spherical bottle shape. Its name "Nu Er" means "little lady".  Since traditional times, every wedding guest receives a bottle of Nu Er Hong compliments of the Bride & Groom.